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Growing Herbs in Wexford

Growing Herbs! -THE HERB GARDEN

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For some reason most people tend to begin a project like planting a herb garden and then simply stick the plants in the ground and leave. They often look in confused awe at other gardens that simply jump out saying look at me. What they don't realize is the other gardens have been dressed. this is an important part of any gardening project. Here we specifically detail a herb or veg garden.

No matter how big or small you project is its still important to dress it. Even small details can help you need to spend lots of money on accessories or hard ware some drift wood a old fishing net and rusty wheel barrow even old garbage cans can be used with great to finesse a garden.

If you have a wall or plain fence and have no need to carve up the garden, consider painting the wall in a bright colour. I once used lime green, it was amazing. This simple step will stun you if you get the colour's right. Alternatively you can add a fence as a backdrop, the easy available bamboo or willow screening gives a great rustic effect in country or sea side setting.

A privacy screen or to section off the herb garden. Someone I know planted hazel down one side and had a lot of nuts to eat in winter. Think a bit and you'd be amazed what you can produce in the smallest space. Think efficient don't waste space.

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Plant some big grasses go for colour reds pinks or autumn colour's. Some bamboo plants can be dotted around the outside to give depth of field and texture and diffuse the wind and provide shelter for birds feeding.

With fencing you can select from wrought iron, white picket, rustic wood or stone. these will of course have a cost but it will make the difference and make your garden appear bigger by breaking it up into room or sections.

Use available materials and colors that contrast with those of the herb or vegetable garden. Chicken wire with perennial sweet pea and every green climbers can be a great foil.

How many time shave you gone outside at night to root for some herbs and fallen over something. Remember to keep a path to your utility or kitchen gardens clear and simple to navigate with simple lines and free of clutter, and put a light in or on, or over it.

You can easily have a cable run out to your garden, any competent DIY Er should be able to to the basics with a Proper Electrician to inspect the job and commission the light.

Never mess with electrics out side unless you are a electrician.

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