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Many people enjoy reading a book and share what they think of it. There are many useful websites/services which you can track how many books or what titles you read easily, and you can share your reading experiences without joining a book club. All the websites listed are FREE to register/use.

Click here to see a list of great online bookstores!

GoodReads You just type in books' ISBN, date, your rating etc. and GoodReads stores the history of your reading. It also has fun stuff such as Book Giveaways (enter to win free books-writers love your reviews!), setting your reading goals for this year, book quizzes, book trivias&quotes and more.

BookCrossing Let your books travel! Users enjoy sharing and tracking books' travel on BookCrossing. Register your books on this site and let's see how far they will go. Reading forums is fun, too.

BookMooch Post your no longer needed books and receive books you are currently interested in from other users! This site works with a point system.If another user requests a book from your inventory, you just wrap it & pay postage normally in a post office (you will receive the user's postal address and some points to use on BookMooch). Your collected points will be deducted when you request a book from another user.

LIbrary Thing Catalog your books, share your thoughts! Easy to see what you are reading, what other people are reading at the moment.


If you know other useful website/services for reading and would like to share with KRHARA, please let us know! books reading hobbies kilrane rosslare harbour active retirement association



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